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A personal project to demonstrate my skills and process. 

Time frame: 1 week

"Client:" A large, established aquarium in a major city.

Concept: New after hours events, activities, and marketing strategy to attract young adults. 

Project Goals:

Conceptualize a way to bring in a missing demographic: 25-34 year olds without kids. 


Posters that will go up in the aquarium and at public transit hubs around the city, especially areas frequented by college students and young professionals. 

Brand Values:

Conservation, sustainability, education, community engagement, wholesome fun

Measuring Success:

Profitable after hours events and an overall increase in attendance from 25-34 year olds.


This poster series is aimed at young millenials who just want to have a drink at a new place or have a new fun date spot. They care about conservation but that is not what will motivate them to go out.

The event would be a relaxing evening at the aquarium with drinks. Its a chance to enjoy the aquarium in a calming, grown-up atmosphere. Presentations and talks could draw in some while inner-child activities like touch pools would attract others. The "fun fish" trilogy would be aimed more at the inner-child crowd and the last two designs (coral/jellies and minimal fishes) would be for a more relaxing, educational feel.

design process:

inner-child, fun, alive, ocean, night

I started with figuring out the title for the event and the main typography. Playing around with some basic key words I came across the "nightlife" theme. Originally my idea was a "Nightlife: redefined" tagline. I quickly realized that using the typography to put the emphasis on 'life' would be a simpler way to convey the message. 

I then began designing the nightLIFE typography, choosing two contrasting sans serif fonts: Futura PT bold in all caps for 'Night' and all round gothic book in all lowercase for 'life.' The contrast in color, form, and size in all three designs serve to emphasize 'life,' referring to the biodiversity featured at the aquarium. 

I used this typographic structure for the three main styles shown below: minimalist, coral, and neon. I played with axial symmetry for the minimal design and used a Fibonacci-based grid for the coral. The neon seemed like a fun play on the typical meaning of nightlife, contrasted with natural imagery. 
It was while looking for images to use on the neon design that I came across the fish I've named Jerry. This was my favorite design of the three, so I expanded it into a series with three different characters. I love making people smile with my designs (including myself) and I think this series does just that. 

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