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Hildebrand Annual Report

Hildebrand is a Boston-based non-profit that helps families find housing. I designed their FY 2022 annual report for print and web publication with . Bayerand Design & Consulting.

In years prior, Hildebrand had designed their annual report in-house. Though their efforts were commendable and they successfully produced a report, it was cluttered and difficult to read. In 2023, I worked with them to deliver a professional report that fit their branding.

The digital version of the report can be viewed on their website, linked below. 

Hildebrand Annual Report Mockup.png
Final_Hildebrand Annual Report FY22_03 22 23.jpg

Hildebrand provided a color palette, but had no detailed brand standards. Analyzing their website’s typography and photo style, I incorporated these into my design while refining their previous cover concept. I also recreated their logos as print-ready vectors.

I lead the project, collaborating with Julia Rand of Bayerand Design & Consulting. I worked directly with Hildebrand to communicate their achievements and mission, using imagery to evoke a homey feeling while highlighting families of color.

Final design files were prepped for Hildebrand to send to their vendor
and upload to Issuu.

Final_Hildebrand Annual Report FY22_03 22 234.jpg
Final_Hildebrand Annual Report FY22_03 22 235.jpg
Final_Hildebrand Annual Report FY22_03 22 2316.jpg
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