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4D travel

4D travel

A personal project to demonstrate my skills and process 
Sketches, more graphics, and detailed notes will be added in the coming days.
Time fame: 1 day

"Client:" Elon Branson is a young, wealthy entrepreneur who is launching a highly-anticipated time travel company: 4D

Deliverables: Logo, site banner, and other website graphics. 

Project Goals: Design modern, eye-catching branding for the website launch 

Measuring Success: Attention-grabbing launch, positive media coverage, trending on social media, a waitlist for bookings. 

Keywords: Exploration, possibilities, optimism, cutting-edge technology, luxury

Concept: Bring in typographic elements of futurism and a color palette based on tech trends and space to create a sense of wonder and excitement. Use rhythm, depth, and movement to emphasize instantaneous travel and exploration 

site banner

4D travelnewfont-04.png

Landing page

ipad 4D travel-01.jpg
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