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I'm currently a graphic designer and at
Chabot Space & Science Center in Oakland, California. While graphics are my main focus, I also help the team with copywriting and exhibit design. In addition, I do part time graphic design work for Bayerand Design & Consulting and volunteer branding and graphic design for Gender Freedom Society.

In 2021 ​I graduated from UC Berkeley with B.S. in Conservation and Resource Studies, focusing on science communication and design. I also received a certificate in design innovation from UC Berkeley's Jacob's Institute. 

My Story

As a trans man I have not always felt welcome in every space, especially early in my transition. Now that I am less visibly queer, the difference in the way I was treated then versus now is abundantly clear. I am also keenly aware that many marginalized people feel unwelcome in much stronger ways than I ever have or will. This experience fuels my passion for designing spaces that feel comfortable and accessible for everyone.

My Pup!

I adopted Joey in 2020 and he has become my adventure sidekick for hiking and trail running in the East Bay. He loves to eat mud and play with any toy too big for him to pick up, especially basketballs.

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